$2600 Per City (*All Inclusive)

*Second person in a shared room - Free!
*Second person in a single room - $450

Cost includes
Visits to 5-6 Private High Schools per city (Total of 600-900 kids)
Hotel accommodations (Two nights)
Transportation between the High Schools 

Package cost is All-Inclusive
No refund for unused accommodations
Cancellation Deadline - Two weeks befoe event's start date
Cancellation Fee - $450 USD

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# Tours

Price per Tour



No accommodations


No accommodations

Test the International Waters
If you are not prepared to make a big commitment, join us anywhere around the world and get immediate results.

1 Tour





Market-Focused Recruiting
Choose a region that best fits your recruiting goals, and increase the number of international students from the region

2 Tours





Triple Threat
Start diversifying your international student body and recruit from different regions and unique countries

3 Tours





Four is More  (4 + 1 Free bonus)
The ultimate package to increase the number of international students on your campus and ensure diversity

5 Tours





Around the World (8 + 2 Free bonus)
Be strategic! Complete Package. Recruit in 7 different countries and 10 different cities throughout the year with our unbeatable pricing.

10 Tours





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